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An integrated media copy system designed for ease-of-use in production facilities, where high quality images, versatility and speed are essential.
TTI Copy Systems
TTI Repro-Graphic Workstation 4060 shown with TTI Digiflex 45ei Camera, BetterLight scanning back Super 8K-HS and new TTI telescoping lighting with engraved scales.

TTI Copy Systems
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Product Overview

Designed for the commercial workplace, no effort has been spared to make this workstation exceedingly rigid, perpendicular and parallel. High quality components enhance accuracy and performance. The result is an instrument, which maximizes the capabilities of your digital camera or scanner. It lets you capture clear, sharp images with minimum effort and maximum speed.

With state-of-the-art illumination systems, electronics, optics and precision electro-mechanical drives, the TTI Repro-Graphic Workstation 4060 is a totally integrated image capture system. Simply put, it is the most rugged and precise digital camera/scanner platform commercially offered. It is an investment, which will withstand many years of continuous use.


The TTI repro-graphic workstation 3040 lets you capture clear, sharp images with minimum effort and maximum speed.

Base Frame
Heavy gauge steel tubing, welded to form an exceptional rigid base. This structural base is designed to minimize vibration from the ground surface. Adjustable feet provide the initial leveling of the workstation.

Work Table
1-5/8” thick, fully covered with heavy duty laminate, provides a flat, durable surface for many years of care free use.

A massive aluminum extrusion provides an extremely rigid column which cannot twist or sag. A built-in unique leveling system provides perpendicular adjustment to the work table. The column reference scale is printed in crisp, easy to read numbers in inches and centimeters for a quick visual check while positioning the camera.

Elevation Carriage
The moving carriage is driven by a heavy-duty motor and lead screw, the preferred method for precision travel. This provides smooth camera movement and automatic lock at any position.

Camera Mount
TTI’s exclusive mounting system is designed to provide exceptional support for any camera or scanner, maintaining optical center throughout the elevation range. A vital detail so often overlooked by others. TTI also provides camera mounts for most digital cameras, scanning backs, film cameras, medium and large formats.

Lenses & Lens Mounts
TTI carefully selects the best Apo-Chromatic lenses to suit the application. Lenses mount on TTI quick change rotating lens boards.

TTI Digiflex 45EI
Primarily designed to be used in conjunction with digital scanning camera backs for digital capture of flat art media. The bright ground glass helps you size and focus with ease. A viewing hood blocks most of the ambient light, providing you with a bright image on the ground glass. An optional graflock interface plate is available for mounting medium format digital backs.

Digital Elevation Counter
This digital readout monitors the camera elevation. It is precise and repeatable, allowing exact replications of previous settings, a valuable tool in a production environment.

Reflective Light Source
With most of the heat exiting from the rear reflector of the lamps, the TTI reflective lighting system provides brightness, evenness of illumination and a cool work surface. Reflective lighting available as stand alone.


Column height: 72"   Camera mount: 35mm, medium format and large format.
Power elevation: Variable speed hand held remote control.   Cameras: TTI Digiflex 45ei; TTI Digiflex 67ei and other cameras.
Digital Counter: For exact size repositioning.   Graflock interface plate: For medium format digital camera backs.
Camera mount: Positive click-stop center; +/-90 degree rotation.   Lens mounts: Extension/recess or additional flat lens boards.
Work surface height: 14"   Lenses: Highest quality Apo-Chromatic digital lenses available from TTI.
Work surface size: 40”x60” (optional with built-in vacuum).   IR Filter: Threads in front of lens barrel (scanning backs).
Reflective lighting: 2000 watts, quartz halogen 3200K, telescoping system.   Reflective lighting: TTI stand alone: 1200W-2000W 3200K.
TTI-LED System 2100-64
Overall dimensions: 120"W x 47"D x 90"H.   Strobe Lighting: Available, contact TTI for details.
Power requirement: 120VAC, 50/60Hz., 20A. (with Vacuum (2) 20A. circuits req’d.).   Polarize filter holders: For all TTI reflective lighting.
Shipping Weight: 410 lbs. (1) crate and (1) box   Transmissive lighting: TTI stand alone or built-in 250W quartz halogen 3200K 10” x 10”
      Media Holding System: Hinged glass holder with 2 registered pins and anti-Newton ring glass.
      Registered masks: Included: 8” x 10”, 4” x 5”, 6x6cm and 35mm mounted slide.
      Light amplifier: Increases light output for 4”x5” format and smaller.
      Vacuum easels: Table top or built-in copy board (see TTI Vacuum Easels line).
      Magnetic bars: Help in positioning media when used in conjunction with vacuum easel.
      Wall mount/brace: For larger sizes than 40” x 60” and for eliminating vibration
      Tripod mount adaptor: All TTI Cameras also mount on tripod for 3D controlled captures
      Caster-Levelers: Heavy duty caster-levelers for mobility of workstation when needed.

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